The word Reiki pronounced RAY-KEY means Healing touch, Rei- meaning Spiritual or Universal wisdom and Ki- meaning Life Force Energy. Reiki is one of the simplest and most popular alternative therapy methods. It can be defined as spiritually guided life energy. It is supportive and complimentary to all modern medical treatments. It affects each individual in a personal way. The results of the most of the treatments are: balanced energy, increased creativity, released emotions and stress, amplified energy, helps on the casual level disease, holistic healing, increased awareness and reversed aging process.

REIKI-A healing method through which abundance of people get rid from their ailments without losing their hard earned money in various hospitals. A very simple yet an effective method to discard unknown ailments from mind ,body and soul. A safe treatment for the acute and chronic diseases ,stress ,anxiety and tensions .Moreover for disguise problems within you. Besides you can practise this spiritual therapy at home and heal yourself and others too. It is a spiritual healing method discovered in Japan by a Buddhist monk Masao Usui and spreaded worldwide due to its advantageous nature irrespective of all religions. Reiki is a powerful spiritual practice which enhances positive energies in order to remove negativity around you. Reiki power releases healing energies to cure blocked and stagnant areas. After having this knowledge under proper guidance you will surely attain the ability to heal almost anything and anyone. You can heal humans, plants, animals, nature, removes all kinds of negativity at your place etc. The whole universe comes under reiki because it is an infinite energy beyond boundaries. Reiki is a seed which will grow in your life like a remedy tree giving you fruitful benefits by removing all sorts problems and boost success, health and prosperity in life.